shockwave therapy

Device for Radial Shockwave Therapy

Shockwaves are acoustic waves with high energy peak. They are targeted to aching bones and muscle tissue. The released energy promotes endogenous repair mechanisms to support the regeneration of damaged tissue. Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive method of treatment for a variety of (chronic) musculoskeletal diseases and tendinopathy.

  • Compact design
  • Highest innovative quality standards
  • Easy operation by 38 illustrated treatment protocols

Our Offer  (plus VAT and shipping)

 Shockwave therapy device incl. equipment: 7,900 EUR



Additional applicator:                                          90,-EUR

Additional applicator set (5 applicators):       400,-EUR

Additional handpiece:                                      990,- EUR

Silicon protection cap:                                      2.50 EUR



Technical Details

Energy 10mJ to 190mJ (corresponds to 0,4 to 5 bar) - adjustable in steps of 10mJ
Frequency 1 - 22Hz
Penetration depth 30 - 45mm
Number of applicators 5
Ø Applicators 39mm / 25mm / 15mm / 15mm (focused effect)/ 6mm
Operating Life Transmitter 2 - 5 million stimuli
Operating Life Handpiece > 2 million stimuli
Treatment Protocols 38 treatment protocols with illustrations
Additional Features Database for Patient Management, Two-channel output for the simultaneous use of two handpieces, Travel case for easy transport of the device, 10 silicone protection caps

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